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Implant dentist in Wroclaw - the best specialist

Dental implants are nowadays very important in dentistry.

What dental implants are?

They're kind of metal posts that are fastened surgically to the bone of your jaw. It enables to make a combination with synthetic tooth.

Using different words, these are medical components that associate with the bone of the jaw, supporting dental prosthesis or have a funcion of orthodontic anchor.

Why in modern medicine dental implants are so crucial?

These days many medical elements are adapted to needs of patients and easy to use by them.

Implants base on high quality materials and done by specialists that use the latest technologies Therefore implant (see implants in poland) dentists can provide the best possible choices for their patients.

What are types of dental implants?

Today we have two types of dental implant:

1. Endosteal implants - adapted into your jawbone in a direct way, during surgery. If surrounding gum tissue is finally healed there's a second surgery made in need of connecting a post to the original implant. As a result, artificial tooth is fasten to a bridge or a denture.

2. Subperiosteal implants - they're partly made of metal frame that is placed on the jawbone, next to the gum tissue.

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While gums are being healed, frame is fixed to the jawbone. Posts protrude through the gums, so that dentist is able to mount artificial Teeth to the posts.

Implant dentist in wroclaw
Author: Allan Ajifo

Implant dentist in Wroclaw has both of them in an offer.

Why dental implants are so important?

You can replace damaged tooth with an element that will be totally comfortable in everyday using

Where to make implants?

Implant dentist in Wroclaw is famous for its effectiveness. It's a warranty of well-made treatment there.